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Default [Necromancers] Stat importance

EQ2 newb here. Been playing my Necro for about 2 months now. Our Guild is progression based so we our locked in at 81(someone screwed up and dinged 81). You can look me up on Freeport, name is Erfane( http://u.eq2wire.com/soe/character_detail/2168962959820 ).My main question is about Spell Casting speed, Ability Reuse and Spell reuse. Right now I am under the impression that this is the stat priority.IntelCritPotencyCrit BonusSpell Casting SpeedAbility ModSpell Reuse SpeedIs this correct at 81?Is there a base number of Spell Reuse I need before going nuts on Spell Casting Speed? Confused about Spell Reuse, Ability Reuse and Ability Recovery. What is the difference?Is anyone speccing into "Teamwork" with the bugs?My current rotation looks like this: Soulrot, Bloodcoil, Lifetap, Soulrot, Pandemic repeat... Is this OK? I burn individual CD's asap on bosses to try to fit in as many as possible, ie.. Lifeburn soon after pull.I have been looking around the web for awhile but information seems to be outdated or for level 90+.

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